C.R. Wilson Construction Co., Inc. is dedicated to providing top-quality residential, commercial, and luxury building services by enhancing the quality, comfort, and value of work and living spaces. We offer an extensive list of general construction and property management services to cater to a large and diverse clientele. We aim to provide unparalleled customer service from the first contact through the successful completion of your project.

Luxury Residential

The C.R. Wilson Team has tremendous pride in their reputation for crafting unique homes through thorough planning, unrivaled quality of construction, and meticulous detail. This has allowed them to build in the most prestigious Waterfront and Country Club Communities in South Florida. For exceptional value and a home that truly complements one’s lifestyle and personality, C.R. Wilson has been the choice of discerning buyers for over 7 decades. 

Condo Remodeling

 We specialize in an all-in-one approach to home improvement, we coordinate and supervise every aspect of a remodeling project. Our comprehensive approach to home and apartment remodeling includes detailed project scope, regular customer updates, a progress invoicing system, a weekly delay guarantee, and other facets that make the entire renovation process as convenient as possible for you, while still guaranteeing a beautiful, functional result.

Equestrian Stables

From the simplest horse barn to grand stables and arenas, our barns are coveted world-over and carry the marks of craftsmanship and unique, stunning features that you and your horses will love for years to come. We build fine-quality horse stables, barns, and stalls that will not only last a lifetime but are carefully designed and constructed to meet your individual needs. C.R. Wilson specializes in custom-designed horse barns, stables, indoor riding arenas, and horse stalls that are sturdy, stylish, and versatile.

Commercial Construction

From restaurants to shopping plazas, we cater to a wide range of commercial construction services. Through our ability to self-perform several key trades, we can find efficiencies, solve problems, and plan projects better than other firms that strictly manage subcontractors. Commercial projects all differ in what they require and what it takes to build or remodel them and our trained staff has seen it all. 

Service Department

We perform several quality control inspections on our homes throughout the building process to catch and remedy any imperfections. We provide numerous plumbing, electrical, and emergency Services to all of our customers. Our customer service department is here to keep you just as happy years down the road as you were on the day you moved in. We check all of our work to ensure the absolute best quality in all of our homes. 

Building Design

Our expert staff will take complete control of the building design whether you have something in mind or want to leave the decision to us. We work with our contractors to provide a detailed blueprint regarding the design and any other materials or specifications We’re here with you every step of the way to design even the most minuscule details and features that ensure your vision is brought to life upon building. 

Construction and Project Management

When working with us, we’ll take care of all things dealing with the construction and project management. Our managers will take control over all aspects from start to finish such as keeping on schedule or financial monitoring. Our construction leaders will be certain everyone has a job to do and they are working efficiently to finish it. 

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to provide expert recommendations and expertise for your projects. We offer the following services such as, contract and design revisions, analytical data, scheduling details, and evaluations of cost to steer you in the right direction of your construction goals and visions.

General Building 

With a broad list of services, we look for projects of residential, commercial, and luxury building or remodeling services. Our residential projects can include single-family homes, condos, multifamily townhouses, apartments, and high-rise buildings. For commercial projects, we work with retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, and more. We have also worked on many luxury homes and high-end locations for our clients. Our versatile project experience makes us the perfect choice for any general construction needs. 

Interior Design 

Whichever style you prefer we can provide interior design services to not only make the outside of your project look good but the inside as well. We can emulate a vintage style, modern decor, or a more contemporary feel as well as many other styles and trends to your home or business interior. Our designers will be sure to incorporate every little detail to bring your vision to life.

Landscape Services

Our landscaping services include building and maintaining beautifully-crafted gardens and lawn spaces for your newly renovated projects. Our landscaping team will be responsible for improving the appearance and aesthetic of your residential, commercial, or luxury building by reflecting it to fit your company or home’s personalized needs. Trust our landscaping techniques and installation to complete any project’s exterior look. 


During our Pre-construction consultation, we will plan to mitigate risks as well as a construction site evaluation. We will also go over the requirements of permits and inspections, and address any remaining technicalities that need to be resolved before proceeding with the building process. Other factors such as cost estimate and land acquisition are all a part of the crucial nature of pre-construction services. 

Room Additions 

C.R. Wilson is the best choice for your home extension projects. We’re here to efficiently add extra space to your homes such as a new master bedroom or comforting family room. Our professionals will work diligently to integrate the added space smoothly into the current design of your residential home. 

Call us for any additional information, a client reference list, or just to discuss the process of building a new home in South Florida